Azra Pinder-Pancho

Azra is an Auckland based illustrator who has worked as a visual artist in the Phillipines and New Zealand. Well known in the Phillipines as one half of the Pinder Twins, Azra and her identical sister Sam inherited their creative skills from their artist parents.

This is Azra's first entry into children's picture books.


That first night in Sāmoa, Ana slept next to her grandmother on an old bed with sheets that smelled of mothballs. Now it was morning and as she opened her eyes, Ana saw that the other side of the bed was empty. She sat up and looked across the room.


O le pō muamua i Sāmoa, na momoe ai Ana ma lona tinā matua i luga o se moega tuāi lava, ma `a`āfu i ni `ie`afu namu atigi mogamoga. Ua malama le taeao, ma e ala a`e Ana, ua leai se `olomatua.