Darcy Solia

Darcy Solia is an illustrator and a Visual Arts teacher working in primary school education. Growing up in Wellington, Darcy studied at Massey University School of Design and Victoria University’s Faculty of Education. After graduating with a Degree in Visual Communication in Design, he worked as a freelance illustrator; mainly working on children’s books. Darcy has done a number of illustrations for book publishers from New Zealand to the United States, before becoming a Visual Arts teacher. As a full time teacher, Darcy also manages to find enough time to work on a number of illustration projects.


The Mila’s My Gagana Series 1 are a result of author Dahlia Malaeulu's combined love for her tamaiti, her Samoan Culture and her passion for learning. The first versions of the stories were created as resources for her own tamaiti to introduce, build confidence and strengthen their overall connection to our Samoan culture through learning basic Gagana Sāmoa. Since then the Series has developed into six stories, with the first three stories to officially be launched in May 2019