Lani Wendt Young

I write, read, blog, teach, cook, make soap, try not to yell at my five children too much, pretend I'm a runner when I'm just a shuffler, dance a lot (and embarass the five children), and then I write some more.

I spend too many sleepless nights blogging as a slightly Demented Domestic Goddess over at Sleepless in Samoa...There's a couple of books floating around out there in the universe with my name on them and hopefully, if I stop dancing and reading and blogging and soapmaking long enough - I will finish some more books and send them out into the universe.

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An informative, sensitively articulated and beautifully woven story about the 2009 Pacific Tsunami that lovingly shares the voices and experiences of those who survived, those who did not and those who helped in the recovery.

"Lani's style of language keeps the story moving fast with excitement, curiosity, and interest. She has done a marvelous job in weaving together the stories from hundreds of survivors and tellers."
Albert Wendt

Includes colour photographs