Recent titles

Have you ever wondered how the first coconut tree appeared on the islands of Tungaru? In this traditional myth, find out how a man’s love for his wife created the first coconut tree. [+]
Taranga is the mother of Māui, a great cultural hero in the Māori creation narrative. [+]
Reflections on the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, through a re-reading of Albert Camus' great novel La Peste (1947). [+]
A Collection of Patterns and Motifs
Hiapo is the barkcloth of Niue, made from the ata (mulberry tree) and used at important events, such as a hair-cutting ceremony. [+]
A children's picture book about a Sāmoan family set in New Zealand from the perspective of a palagi girl. A normal event in one culture may seem unusual to another culture. [+]
James and Jessie are embarrassed by Uncle Tino’s old car and the way he honks the horn so loudly when he drives them to school. [+]
Samoan Queer Lives is a collection of personal stories from one of the world’s unique indigenous queer cultures. [+]

Eyes of Fire

Little Island worked with AUT and Greenpeace on a project that marks the 30th anniversary of the last voyage of the Rainbow Warrior. We established a microsite for the project. Find out more about (and buy) the book ….