Liz Constable

I have always loved words, not just the words themselves but the artistic nature of them. One of my favourite games when I was little was creating words to look the way they sounded. Words such as: THIN, FAT, LONG were delightful to work with. So it's hardly surprising I ended up being a book artist who writes.

My dream to produce a beautiful published book (that looks handmade) has been achieved. My first book, One Small Drop, was published in March 2015 with my creative sister Jo. As a challenge for my 50th birthday in 2015, I decided to be one of 7,000 exhibitors at the Frankfurt BookFair.

If you want to know how that happened, pop over to my blog for the full story (grab a cuppa as it is quite a story). The outcome was so exciting! Austrian publishing house Freya Verlag inviting me to write a book on how to create notebooks. So I did and it was translated into German. It is beyond exciting to work on a project such as this.

AND NOW ... the book is available in English! You can see it here: DIY Notebooks Made Easy.

By this author

DIY is a wonderful trend that’s growing with the assistance of both the internet and books like this. Let Mancunian-born Liz Constable show you how easy it is to create your own yummy notebooks. She will also show you how to age your paper by dyeing it in coffee (so it smells delicious too!). Not only are these notebooks easy, fun and playful, they also make fabulous gifts.

“My notebooks are super easy to create and so much fun. They look great and also make fabulous gifts!”

* A Little Wing publication (imprint of Little Island Press)