Nanette Lelaulu

"Painting has always been my place of solitude and peace. It was after my Grandmother Iliganoa Lela'ulu passed away in the late 80s that I truly began to explore the emotional places painting took me, looking deeper into the feelings behind the layers of paint.

I have been exhibiting solo since 1996 and participating in groups shows since 1990 in New Zealand, Europe, New Caledonia and the Cook Islands. I've always had a fascination with painting people, but have recently begun painting miniature landscapes of Rarotonga. I enjoy the intimacy of the smaller size.

In 2006 I was awarded the Artist in Residence for the Cook Islands, also in 2006 I received my Masters of Arts in Therapy, with First Class Honours. Following on from that in 2012 I received first class honours for my Clinical Masters of Arts in Therapy.

The Cook Islands became my home in 2012. I'm continuing to explore the therapeutic methodologies of the Arts."


Written by Eleitino Paddy Walker. Set in a Pacific island, this is a story of two young children who discover their power to inspire change, peace and love by helping a stranded dolphin with the guidance of the Peace Bird.


James and Jessie are embarrassed by Uncle Tino’s old car and the way he honks the horn so loudly when he drives them to school. But when the Sāmoan culture group needs help to prepare for the end of year concert, it turns out that Uncle Tino is full of surprises. A story about being yourself and standing out from the crowd.

Softcover, 36 pages, 216mm x 216mm

Read aloud to children 5–10 years

For independent readers approximately 8-10 years

Also available in Sāmoan in February 2024:
O Tino, le tuagane o le mā tinā