Don't Spoil My Beautiful Face

Media, Mayhem and Human Rights in the Pacific
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April 2014

A comprehensive "hidden stories of the Pacific" media and communication book about many of the region’s major issues of the past two decades such as the Fiji coups, Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville war and resource development crises, nuclear testing and health challenges, environmental degradation and climate change.

The author writes with insight and personal experience of all the events covered. It is the first book by the author since his Mekim Nius: South Pacific Media, Politics and Education (published at the University of the South Pacific, 2004).

Foreword by Kalafi Moala.

Published in association with the Pacific Media Centre.

Founder of the Pacific Media Centre, Professor David Robie, will have his latest book launched at the Auckland University of Technology library on Thursday, 24 April 2014. The Little Island Press book, Don't Spoil My Beautiful Face - Media, Mayhem and Human Rights in the Pacific, focuses on media and human rights in the Pacific. Investigative journalist John Pilger says the book "allows us to understand the Asia-Pacific at a time of renewed Cold War ambitions and dangers".

Interviewer: Monique McKenzie. Director: Holly Turner. Reporting for Te Waha Nui (AUT). Images: Bridget Galvin. Compilation editor: Anna Majavu. Pacific Media Centre