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May 2018

"Girl can I give you a lift?"
He smiled at me as if he were meeting me for the very first time.

Inosia, a huge fan of science and Star Trek, accepts a ride to Apia from her favourite high school teacher to buy thread for White Sunday. This sparks an intimate relationship between the two as they discover much more about each other through science, knowledge and love. A story about taboos, loyalty and the lingering impact of colonialism.

Freelove is the long-awaited new novel from Sia Figiel, esteemed writer of the Pacific. In 1994 she won the Polynesian Literary Competition. Her 1997 novel, where we once belonged, was awarded the South East Asia and South Pacific region Commonwealth Writer’s Prize: Best First Book.

Her writing is highly acclaimed for its innovative fusion of traditional and contemporary modes of storytelling, her groundbreaking exploration of sexuality and taboo themes, and for pioneering a female narrative that has influenced a generation of Sāmoan and Pacific writers in the Islands and in the diaspora.

Note: Contains sexual innuendo and explicit language.

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ISBN: 9781877484124
Format: softcover