Samoa: Pacific Pride

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August 2000

Samoa: Pacific Pride introduces the Samoa islands - their geography, the history of the people and their way of life today. It reveals a proud society based on ancient traditions which has withstood the impact of colonisation - embraced many modern ways - yet retained a unique lifestyle centred around the family and village. Geology, fauna & flora, climate, agriculture, food, cyclones, conservation needs, village life, customary protocols, spirituality & religious beliefs, traditional ceremonies, arts, kava, tattoo, recreation, sport, mythology, European contact, internal political conflicts, the fight for freedom, statehood, government, economy, health, education, industry, communications, tourism.

"This is a jewel for the natural composition of the photographs. Life as it is lived and a good slice of Samoan village life is covered. So from this point of view it is not an over glossed, coffee table production aimed at tourism. All credit to the writer and photographer for that!" Amazon review 2013.

Written by Graeme Lay

Published by Pasifika Press

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ISBN: 9780908597192
Format: softcover